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Jake Broderick

Jake Broderick.png

Full Name Jake Broderick
Gender Male
Age 44
Occupation NYPD Detective
Status Alive
Family Harrison Broderick (Son)

Nicholas Broderick (Son) Unnamed Daughter (Deceased) Laura Diamond (Ex-Wife)

Other Information
Portrayed By Josh Lucas
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance N/A - Series Regular

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Jake Broderick is an NYPD Captain and one of the main characters in The Mysteries of Laura.




Jake has has blue eyes, brown hair, and a slender body.




Jake is a nice guy and cares about the people. As a cop, he has to uphold the law and protect the people. He has the Superman image, where he fights for Truth, Justice and American Way. Mostly, he is like the NYPD boy scout. He is also a good father to his twin sons, but he does worry about them. He hopes someday they will follow in their parents' shoes. He also seems to feel entitled to those he loves, once even barging in on one of Laura's dates.

Relationship with Colleagues[]

Laura Diamond

Laura is his ex-wife, who in the first season becomes her precinct's captain, and in the second season becomes his partner after he demotes himself from the captain's position. They have a very good relationship and take equal partnership in raising their sons. In the second season, Jake is often seen trying to win back Laura's trust and rekindle their relationship. Jake truly loves her, but it is unknown whether Laura will be able to allow him back into her life after cheating on her, which caused the divorce in the first place.