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Laura Diamond

Laura Diamond.png

Full Name Laura Diamond
Gender Female
Age 44
Occupation NYPD Detective
Status Alive
Family Leo Diamond (Father)

Harrison Broderick (Son)

Lucy Diamond (Half-Sister)

Nicholas Broderick (Son)

Jake Broderick (Ex-Husband)

Other Information
Portrayed By Debra Messing
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance N/A - Series Regular

"I'm gonna bust him. I'm gonna kill him. Then I'm gonna tap dance on his grave." -

Laura talking to Billy Soto about a suspect.

Laura Diamond is an NYPD Detective, and the title character of The Mysteries Of Laura.


She was born on August 15, 1973 and lives at 1225 E 16 Street in Flatbush, Brooklyn. She has an ex-husband, Jake Broderick, and two identical twin boys, Nicholas and Harrison.


Has bright red hair and green eyes. She is 5' 8" and weighs 130 pounds, according to her I.D. shown in episode 3 of season 1. However, later in that season in episode 18 it is mentioned that it is Laura's birthday(which according to her is August 15) but it is clearly winter.


She is a good poker player. Uses her wit to get her out of bad situations, and can often talk down violent criminals.


Laura is a tough, sarcastic, self-assured homicide detective and mother. Laura's personal and professional life is often disorganized and chaotic, but she manages to combine her role as the mother of identical twin boys and as a police detective perfectly, always using intuition as a means of connection between her lives. What's surprising is that she does not give importance to material or physical evidence. However, she seems to rely much more on suggestive evidence such as a faded shade, coffee stains on the table, the degrees marking the air conditioning thermostat, etc. and the situations at which they are found in to suggest that the death is a homicide and not something else. She always ends up solving the case at the end of the show with a Sherlock Holmes style, usually with a twist to surprise the rest of the characters and the audience. Her character is similar in ways to Kate Beckett of Castle, as Kate is always determined to find the killer and doesn't necessarily need evidence but uses her instinct to solve the case. Laura relies on her friends heavily throughout the show. All of her cases so far have been solved.

Relationship with Colleagues[]

Jake Broderick[]

Jake is Laura's ex-husband. Jake shows up for the first time in the pilot trying to help Laura deal with their children's school problem and later is presented as the 2nd Precinct's new captain after Laura arrested the previous captain, and her mentor, for murder. At first, Laura is upset and hurt by the separation, that later becomes a divorce, and is angry about Jake's new job, but as the first season roles, Laura and Jake show a much better relationship. It is common knowledge that Jake wants Laura back and by the end of the first season he professes his love for her with Laura also admits to still loving him.

Through out most of the second season flirt, both in other realationships during this time. At the end of season two they prove there love with a passionite kiss. Followed by the fact that Jake just got engaged to

Billy Soto[]

Billy is Laura's friend and partner. Billy seems to be the person that gets Laura the most, specially with her crazy theories. Billy is always on Laura's side and never seems to question her. Billy finds himself in a lot of awkward but funny situations because of Laura. Billy also shows a good relationship with her twins. As for the captain, Billy shows at first a lot of hard feelings towards Jake's adultery, but they are both always professional.

Laura and Billy. Season One. Episode 3. 'The Mystery of the Biker Bar'

Laura and Billy. Season 1. Episode 19. 'The Mystery of the Dodgy Draft'

Meredith Bose[]

Meredith works in the 2nd Precinct, alongside Laura, Billy, Max, Jake, and later Frankie. Meredith envies Laura and her great work as a detective. Meredith always complains about Laura's methods of solving her cases, but later on season 1, episode 15 ("The Mystery of the Alluring Au Pair"), she admits to Frankie that she thinks Laura is the best detective in the 2nd Precinct.

Max Carnegie[]

Max is Laura's friend and co-worker. Max often idolizes Laura and listens to her every order without hesitation. Laura treats him as a close friend. On season 1, episode 6 ("The Mystery of the Red Runway") we found out that Max worked for free as a helper on the Precinct. At the end of that same episode, captain Jake hires Max as an official.

Frankie Pulaski[]

Frankie is Laura's friend and co-worker. Frankie shows on the 2nd Precinct to investigate a complaint about Jake and Laura's relationship on the clock (Season 1, Episode 15. "The Mystery of the Alluring Au Pair"). After a lot of investigation, Frankie starts to like the way the 2nd Precinct feels to her, and asks to be transferred there. On that same episode, Laura finds out a lot of things about Frankie's personal life and that brings them closer. Frankie was also responsable for Laura's surprise birthday party (Season 1, Episode 18. "The Mystery of the Sunken Sailor").