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"You are under arrest! And if I tore these jeans, you owe me three hundred dollars!" - Meredith to a suspect she had just collared.

Meredith Bose is an NYPD Detective, and one of the main characters in The Mysteries of Laura.


Meredith is Asian-American, whose mother is from India and her father is white. Grew up in New York city.


She is Asian-American and her family is from India. She is interracial, she is part white and apart indian. She has an exotic beauty that has guys lining up for her.




She is similar to Lois Lane from the Superman series and Kate Beckett from Castle. Where she plays a uptight lady, who goes by the book and respects law and order. She is usually very competitive with Laura and see who is the best detective. She only cares about the law, he doesn't care if the suspect s innocent. All she cares about the putting the bad guy away. She usually only dates cops or district attorneys who who are good looking and has a clean record. He also has to be a good authority figure.

Relationship with Colleagues[]

Laura Diamond[]

At the beginning of the season, including the first episode, she is frustrated with Laura and how she doesn't oblige to protocall.

Jake Broderick[]


Meredith and Jake in the Series 1 episode 'The Mystery of the Mobile Murder' (Terribly Funny)

Billy Soto[]

Meredith and Billy in the Series 1 episode 'The Mystery of the Corner Store Crossfire'

Meredith and Billy in the Series 1 episode 'The Mystery of the Dysfunctional Dynasty'

In the beginning of the first series, Meredith and Billy appeared to be close friends, quite possibly due to the amount of time they spent with each other at work, as they were often sent out together to follow up leads. However, it soon became clear over the course of the season that Meredith's feelings for him ran deeper than platonic affection, and that she had taken a romantic interest in him.

He on the other hand appeared to be clueless towards her feelings, hardly picking up on any of her hints, much to her sadness.

This is especially clear in The Mystery of The Sunken Sailor (Episode), when she calls repeatedly to check up on him - under the guise of relaying information - as he is on a stakeout with NCIS agent Jennifer Barrington, who he has taken a romantic interest in.

Her feelings are also quite apparent later in the same episode at Laura's birthday party, when she sits next to him while he's watching a basketball game on the TV. She references the case they just finished working on, saying that it was ironic that a woman had many different lovers from afar, even though the person who really cared for her was right in front of her the whole time. She repeats the last bit again with more emphasis, but he is too involved with the TV to really pay attention, looking at her distractedly for a a moment to agree that it was ironic, before turning away again, much to her dissapointment.

However, all of this comes to a head in the series finale, The Mystery of the Corner Store Crossfire (Episode). Early in the episode she makes yet another unsucessful attempt to show how much she cares for Billy, after Jake is shot and in hospital, and she realizes just how easy it is to lose someone doing the job they do. Later on they are in the hospital with Frankie and Max, waiting on news of Jake's condition. Eventually they get the news that he's alright, and on what appears to be complete impulse, Meredith turns to Billy and grabs him, pulling him in to a kiss. After a few seconds she pulls away, telling him to 'deal with it', before dashing off, leaving a very confused looking Billy behind her.

It is unclear at the end of Season One whether they are going to embark on a relationship or not after she displayed her feelings for him, however at the end of the season finale Billy does ask Laura what her view on workplace romance is, implying they are likely going to.

Frankie Pulaski[]


Meredith and Frankie in the Series 1 episode 'The Mystery of the Dodgy Draft'

Meredith and Frankie in the Series 1 episode 'The Mystery of the Corner Store Crossfire'

Max Carnegie[]

Meredith and Max in the Series 1 episode 'The Mystery of the Frozen Foodie'